Pringgasela is a traditional weaving village in the foothills of Mount Rinjani, Lombok.  It has a population of around 14,000 people.  The main industries that support the village of farming and weaving.  Every female is taught to weave and the majority of homes have a weaving loom.  Many families in the village lived below the poverty line.

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Songket Tradisi is a weaving co-op in Pringgasela run by Anna and Erwin.  They partnered with Tradisi to deliver this program. Through discussions with the co-op the women in the village were identified who were most in need.  During the first stage of the program we produced over 20 full-set weaving looms plus numerous single parts to enable women and families to increase their income.

weaving-looms7   weaving-looms-22   weaving-looms-21   weaving-looms16

weaving-looms-18   weaving-looms9   weaving-looms-17   weaving-looms-20

We also supplied over 20 women with the reams of thread ready for natural dyeing.

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cotton-21   cotton-20   cotton-18   cotton-7

Erwin, with help from the Jejak Black Barry Adventure team, organised the production of over 20 full-set weaving looms plus numerous single parts.

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