Welcome to Tradisi Textiles

We aim to expand markets for women creating beautiful textiles around Indonesia. By purchasing their fabric and turning them into usable products Tradisi can cross cultural borders and bring to the world the incredible textiles still being produced by hand in villages through the Indonesian islands.

Tradisi Textiles buys cloth as close to the source of production as possible. We travel to villages where textiles are still being made using traditional methods and buy directly from the women making them. We also source textiles from trusted NGOs who support traditional crafts and a small amount from local village markets to ensure variety.

We have reached a time where over-consumption has led to the production of goods and services that cause social and environmental disasters. Exploitation of people and the environment are part of today’s chain of supply for the majority of products we consume. We are appealing to people who recognise these issues and choose to make conscious choices about what they purchase.

Trina Minter Naughton is the designer and co-founder with Simeon Naughton of Tradisi Textiles.

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