April 2015 Tradisi sponsored the John Fawcett foundation, Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia, to visit the weaving village of Pringgasela, northeast Lombok.  During the two day project 525 people had their eyes examined, 332 was supplied with glasses, 14 cataract operations were performed,  604 students at the local high school had their eyes examined,  44 students were supplied with glasses and two girls were identified as needing prosthetic eyes.  The foundation members were highly professional, efficient, caring and effective.  John Fawcett foundation is an outstanding organisation.

www. balieye.org


525 people had their eyes examined

6     5

Distance testing, advice and drops, checking the health of the eye, reading examinations

10     8     12

 332 new glasses

17     16     13

 14 cataract operations were performed

24     21     26

Day 2 Pringgasela high school, 604 students and teachers were examined

34     35

44 students needed glasses, 2 girls were identified as needing prosthetic eyes

36     38

Sponsorship team: Simeon, Erwin, Trina and Pringgasela Kepala Desa Alusi