2023 customers started returning to Tradisi.  We launched out of quiet into a busy times applying and developing the teams new skills in clothes creation.  Making clothes to order, learning pattern making and more precision sewing.  The Tradisi team has been and will continue developing skills to assist customers to creating something they love.   Our customers are already returning and recommending our work to others.  Word is spreading about our clothing range.

The key for us to increase sales of Indonesian textiles is presenting them in ways people understand and can use. As we grow in strength, partnerships with batik makers throughout Java has grown.  We work with numerous batik makers, many we have visited and more we hope to in the future.

Clothes have been good for Balinese endek fabric. Ibu from KlungKung has a lovely weaving shed we visited a few times this year, restocking our shelves with her colourful motifs.  There are usually 2 or 3 weavers working fly-looms who alway welcome us into the workshop and laughter.

Our relationship with Tarum has grown as we weave their cloth through Tradisi style.  Pants, vests, skirts as well as bags and cushions are made with Tarum’s naturally dyed and woven fabric.  Tarum’s weavers work predominantly in Lombok and their natural dyeing facility in east Bali.

Bags are also a new range developed by the team.  Various styles of bags have increased the flow of weaving from Pringgasela in Lombok, through our shop in Bali.  We have a long partnership with this region and are happy to see their natural dye fabric is finding more sales consistency.  The weavers natural dye combinations make a spectacular range of both bags and cushions.

Ikat from Flores, Rote, Timor and Sumba are also benefitting from this product line.  We visited Biboki in central west Timor and met a group of women making ikat and buna weave.  Their natural dyes are strong and rich and their weaving tradition patient and precise.  It was a thrill to meet these women and to be so warmly welcomed into their circle.

September 2023, we wished Puspita well on her next journey overseas and with her own clothing business, Tapitalane.  Puspita has been a driving force at Tradisi as the face that welcomed customers with her genuine smile, for 8 years.  She has travelled the islands meeting weavers and brought their stories back to Tradisi customers. Puspita has a great eye for clothes design and has been at the forefront of our clothes range.  We are forever thankful for the time Puspita spent at Tradisi and wish her well.

During 2023 we recovered from Covid and concentrated on making our business more resilient.  By ensuring our shop in Bali is stable and growing we become more confident we can continue supporting slow textiles.

On the horizon for Tradisi is mapping supply chains for as many of our textiles as possible.


Biboki, Central West Timor, 2023

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Pringgasela, Lombok

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