Unisex Natural Batik Robe S

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Our spectacular range of robes are made from a combination of batik tulis (hand drawn) and batik cap (hand stamped).  Each tulis piece is unique combining batik from different regions of Java to create beautiful robes to wear at home or out and about.

This robe is made with screen printed wax batik with natural indigo dye from Pekalongan, north coast of Central Java.

100% cotton

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Batik Cap (pronounced chap).  Hot wax is applied to the cloth using a copper stamp.

The cloth is then dipped in dye or the colour is painted on. After the cloth is dry the wax is removed by boiling the cloth. The areas treated with wax keep their original colour. This process is repeated as many times depending how many colours are desired. The process can take days or even weeks for more complex designs and colours.

Batik Natural process

Beautiful soft tones, as well as strong and vibrant colours, are produced using only natural dyes.  The process to produce strong colours that last is often a long one.  It takes generations of local knowledge which is being lost with the popularity of chemical dyes.

The blue is made from indigo which is grown and harvested locally.  It is first soaked in water mixed with lime powder.  The lime reacts with the leaf and turns the water blue.  It is them fermented for weeks to ensure the colour is strong and will remain in the cloth.

Red, yellow, brown, green and black are produced with various roots and leaves, sometimes mixed together for varying colour tones.

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