Timor Ikat Cushions

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Gorgeous and ethical ikat cushions from Alor, Timor.

Timor is the island of Timor where magnificent ikat is still be woven. The art of natural dye is fast being lost in this region. We found a group of women still proud of the natural dyes they were making and their colours are beautiful.

Size: 44x36cm


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West Timor has an enormous variety of handmade textiles with styles varying between each region.


Indonesia is well known for their Ikat style of textiles.  This piece is made on a backstrap loom that sits on the ground.  The warp thread is strung onto the loom and the desired pattern is sketched onto the thread.  The thread is then wrapped with sting, straw or plastic so certain areas of the thread resist the dye.  The thread is then soaked in one or numerous dye baths depending on the desired pattern.  The thread is then returned to the warp of the loom and the weaving process begins.  As the weft is woven through the warp the pattern emerges in the cloth.  Once piece of cloth can take 1-12 months to complete.

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