20 Tassels, Natural Indigo Dye

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20 cotton tassels made from 100% natural dyes using leaves from the indigo tree.
Dyed and handmade in Lombok, Indonesia.
Length 7.5-8.5cm

Colours may vary slightly as they are made from 100% natural products


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Pringgasela, Lombok, Indonesia

Pringgasela is a village in Lombok at the foot of Gunung Rinjani volcano.  We have been working with this traditional weaving village for many years and are now supporting them to develop an industry making tassels.

Natural Dyeing Process

Beautiful soft tones as well as strong and vibrant colours are produced using only natural dyes. The process to produce strong colours that last is often a long one. It takes generations of local knowledge which is being lost with the popularity of chemical dyes.

The blue is made from indigo leaves which is grown and harvested locally in Lombok. It is first soaked in water mixed with lime powder. The lime reacts with the leaf and turns the water blue. It is then fermented for weeks to ensure the colour is strong and will remain in the cloth.

Red, yellow, brown, green and black are produced with various roots and leaves, sometimes mixed together for varying colour tones.

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