Mamuli: Female strength

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Copper mamuli pendant with hook (pendant size around 5x4cm)

Include one of our batik rope necklaces to complete the set

Mamuli is an ornament of the Sumbanese people and has been found dating back 100s of years on the west coast of Sumba. The symbol represents female sexuality and reproductive power and is often included as part of a wedding dowry. ⁠ The mamuli shape represents female genitalia, symbolising the woman as the giver of life.

On our recent trip we not only discovered mamuli copper pendants, but this powerful symbol appears in weaving motifs both in Sumba and Flores. The pieces we bought and are selling at Tradisi are not antique, heirlooms or taken from a traditional setting. Our pieces are made to wear and use. We hope to respectfully share this powerful symbol of femininity across cultural borders.⁠


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The island of Sumba in Indonesia has a rich tradition of naturally dyed handwoven cloth. Much of the cloth is used for ceremonies, wedding, funerals and passed down through families for generations. Some designs have ritual significance, other tell a story or illustrate life on the island. Contemporary patterns are also being produced with geometric designs, often scattered with horses, chickens and sea creatures.


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