Batik Short Jacket XS

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This gorgeous range of limited edition short jackets are perfect with shorts, jeans or to keep you protected from sun at the beach.  Light, cool, comfortable and easy to wash.

Each pieces is hand drawn batik coloured with natural indigo from Solo in central Java.

Batik, just like people, is never perfect.  There will always be small inconsistencies as it is produced using ancient artistry.  Small faults contribute to making these handmade garments so special.

100% cotton

Length 50cm, sleeve-to-sleeve 100cm

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Tulis is the premium style of batik where the entire design is applied by hand using a tool called a canting (pronounced chanting). It is a pen-like instrument made from a small copper reservoir with a spout on a wooden handle. The reservoir holds the hot wax which flows through the spout.

The cloth is then dipped in dye or the colour is painted on. After the cloth is dry the wax is removed by boiling the cloth. The areas treated with wax keep their original colour. This process is repeated as many times depending how many colours are desired. The process can take days or even weeks for more complex designs and colours.

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