Batik Ikat Reverse Vest

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Stunning unisexi M-L cotton reverse vest.

Our spectacular range of reverse vest is made from batik cap (hand stamped) and Endek or ikat weave.

This vest is made with Bali endek or ikat and  batik cap traditional colours from Sukarara, central Java.

100% cotton

Length 65cm


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Batik Cap (pronounced chap).  Hot wax is applied to the cloth using a copper stamp.

The cloth is then dipped in dye or the colour is painted on. After the cloth is dry the wax is removed by boiling the cloth. The areas treated with wax keep their original colour. This process is repeated as many times depending how many colours are desired. The process can take days or even weeks for more complex designs and colours.

Endek or Ikat

Endek is a form of ikat weave on fly shuttle loom. The warp thread is strung onto the loom and the desired pattern is sketched onto the thread. The thread is then wrapped with sting, straw or plastic so certain areas of the thread resist the dye.  The thread is then soaked in one or numerous dye baths depending on the desired pattern.  The thread is then returned to the warp of the loom and the weaving process begins.  As the weft is woven through the warp the pattern emerges in the cloth.

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